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For centuries, the pilgrimage was a spiritual and physical need of Orthodox Christians. The flow of believers who were willing to find their own way in faith and enjoy their solitude in the ancient Orthodox holy places increased and have not dry out until nowadays.


Cyprus is a unique and ideal place for tourists. Fantastic climate, azure sea, sandy beaches, friendly people and an unforgettable experience.

Due to the fact that during centuries Cyprus was occupied by different nations and cultures. Each conqueror has left its trail on the island.

Cyprus is represented by the abundance of archeological treasures. The Beauty of the Island of Love is represented by its history and myths.

Cyprus opens its doors to the pilgrims to the holy sites of Christianity, and those who simply want to be alone with God. Pilgrimage - a holy gift from the religious world, it is an opportunity to know yourself and at the same time to discover a new world - the Holy Island of Cyprus. Despite the occupation of different cultures, Cyprus, still retained Christianity, preserved the history and culture of the religion of his people. To convey the uniqueness of the island with words is impossible, they are simply not enough.


The program of the pilgrimage tour 


Day 1: Air flight.

Airport- Villa . Accommodation in a villa. Free day.


Day 2: Visit to the morning service at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Seven Arrows in Alethriko .

Familiarity with the city of Larnaca . HolyLarnaca

Stavrovouni Monastery (Mount of the Cross) , based of St Helena in the 4th century . : A particle of the Holy Cross .

Church of Our Lady Angeloktisti : mosaic 6 . ( Preserved in the period of iconoclasm ) .

The Church of St. Lazarus ( 9 . ) Venerable head and tomb of St. Lazarus  friend of Christ.

The Monastery of St. George Alamanou : miraculous icon and the relics of St. George.


Day 3: Shrine of the Karpaz and Famagusta

The Monastery of St. Barnabas ( 5th c. ) Tomb of St. Barnabas ( 1 ).

The Church of St. Firs and a chapel with a sacred source .

The Monastery of St.. Andrew with a miraculous source (I c. )

City of Famagusta medieval fortress wall , the Royal Square, the cathedral church of St. Nicholas , turned in the XVI century . the mosque Lala Mustafa Pasha.


Day 4: Holy places of the Troodos MOUNTAINS

Troodos Mountains .

Kykkos Monastery (12th c. ) : The miraculous icon of the Mother of God , written , according to tradition , the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke with the Mother of God, the power of more than 300 saints.

Convent of Panagia Trikukkya ( foundation year is unknown) , the miraculous icon of the Mother of God 16 . The highest mountain monastery in Cyprus.

Trooditissa monastery ( 10th c. ) : The miraculous icon of the Mother of God , written , according to tradition , the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke - help with childbirth , the source .

Temple of the Holy Cross Monastery in the village of Omodos ( 4 . ) Particle of the Holy Cross of Christ, and Uz , the head of St. Philip the Apostle , stones from Calvary , the relics of 26 saints.


Day 5: Holy places - PAPHOS

The Monastery of Panagia Hrisoroyatissy (12th c. ) : The miraculous icon of the Mother of God , written , according to tradition , the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke .

Ayios Neophytos Monastery of Saint - recluse (12th c. ) : Cave Church (frescoes 12-15 cc.) , The relics of Saint Neophytos .

The Church of St. Paraskeva ( 9 . ) Murals 9 . 


Day 6 : Free time. Holidays in the Mediterranean.


Day 7: Holy place -  NICOSIA

The Church of St. . Cyprian : the relics of St. Cyprian and Justina , the miraculous icon of the 1600 and the miraculous spring - help from witchcraft , black magic love spell , curse and evil eye .

The monastery of Saint Heracleides : catacomb church in 1 . , The relics of the saint's tomb and Heracleides .

Nicosia - the capital of Cyprus. Archdiocese . The Church of St. John the Evangelist . Collection of icons of the Cyprus Orthodox Archdiocese .

Convent of St. Thecla : the source of holy water and healing mud - help in the treatment of skin diseases.

The Monastery of the Virgin Sfalangiotissy : miraculous icon , the sacred spring - help in the treatment of skin and other diseases.


Day 8 : Transfer to airport –from villa. Flight