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Alethriko Village

Alethriko village is a picturesque little village with a population of 1600 people. It is situated between two rivers, Pouzis and Triemithos. Alethriko is surrounded and bordered by many villages. In most of these areas predominate hunting, which connects the citizens of all the villages, and helps maintain a friendly and familiar relations. During centuries Alethriko was collecting piece by piece memorable historical moments and served as a nest for some famous places like: the villa of an Austrian consul ( Jefery 1918), the house of Zekki Pasha and the famous bridge that is located on the road Alethriko – Aplantas. For many decades the bridge was serving for the transportation needs of the residents. It is part of the traditional heritage of the community of Alethriko. Nowadays, the mayor of the village is working on the project of reconstructing the bridge, and many other projects which will help further develop the beautiful village of Alethriko.

The location of the village cannot be described being more than perfect. It is 10 minutes from Larnaca, 25-30 minutes from Limassol and Nicosia, and 10 minutes from the sea, through Kivisili village.

Many Cyprus villages have their own specifics, Alethriko is not an exception. Except the amazing historical places, Alethriko is famous for its olive plantations and carobs. At the present, a few companies are working there, which are involved in olive oil production and many other traditional Cypriot products.

Once we saw the surroundings, learned a bit from the history and saw the local enterprises, it’s time to have a rest and enjoy the tasty traditional food in local taverns. The chefs of the two biggest taverns in Alethriko, will pamper your stomach and your taste with their culinary specialties.

As for the community and the culture, people that live in Alethriko are given a great attention to it. In 2012 the Cultural society of Alethriko was formed, which is trying to meet the cultural needs of the village, organizes various events aimed both in informing and entertaining the villagers. Recently an athletic center Club Ajax was opened in Alethriko. The football section and the team that was formed is the beginning of the Athletic Association.